Running synergy in command line

I use synergy almost everyday when I connect my laptop at my office. It would even be better if I can somehow ALT+TAB into my laptop, but for the time being I’m content with using the mouse to move the control over to my laptop.

Here’s how you set it up in Linux (Ubuntu 12.04). Install it first (on both the server and client computer):

sudo apt-get install synergy

On the server machine, create the a .synergy.conf file on your $HOME with the following content:

section: screens
section: links
    left = client-name
    right = server-name

where server-name and client-name are respectively the name of your server computer and your client computer. Also, with the above configuration it is assumed that by moving your mouse pointer over the left edge of your server monitor will make the pointer appear on the right edge of your client monitor.

To start running the synergy server you just have to enter (on the server machine):


and to start running the synergy client you just have to enter (on the client machine):

synergyc server-name

To stop either one, I just tend to find its pid with:

ps -A | grep synergy

and kill it with

kill pid-number

Of course you can always write a script to do all that. My final word is that you might need configure your firewall to allow connection through 24800 port.

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